project 145


Why Project 145?

At New Haven Church, we are committed to partnering with parents in teaching children and youth. We have an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with a new generation and our desire is to do this with excellence, in the best possible environment for them to learn. Our current obstacle is that we have limited space. We have one classroom that is being used by two children’s classes (at the same time) and also by the youth group. We also have a children’s class that meets in a room in the nursery and another class that meets in the atrium, right by the front door.

Project 145 solves this problem and supports our mission statement: Glorify God. Make Disciples. The project provides an ideal educational environment for our children to learn without distractions. A space large enough to enable participation in a variety of ways and where every age group has their own room, including the youth group with a large meeting room. The plan also offers opportunity for adult classes. Project 145 opens up a lot of possibilities for our church. We have even designed this building with the hope of one day starting a full time school. We hope that you will join with us in investing in the next generation! See the video below for more information.

"Let each generation tell its children what glorious things He does!” - Psalm 145:4

How can i help?

Pray. Make a Pledge. Pray.

What's Our Goal?

When we have reached $300,000 we can begin construction on the Education Building. It will require a total of approximately $415,000 to complete this project.

Why Do We Ask For Pledges?

Pledges help us project, with relative accuracy, the completion date of Project 145. Seeing the end keeps us on course, motivated and inspired. Pledges also help us give with purpose and commit our God-given wealth to the purposes of his Kingdom.


While financial support is necessary for this project, it is not our focus. Our focus is on expanding the Kingdom of God. We believe this building is the best way that we can reach the children God has entrusted to our church. This project is about introducing future generations to salvation and hope through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. New Haven has experienced God's miraculous provision in the past and we trust that He will provide again as we seek to Glorify Him. Join us in making a commitment to a future ripe with the Good News of the Gospel!

How Pledges Work.

We are currently asking for pledges for 2019. How much and how often is up to you. You can pledge a certain amount monthly or give a one time gift. Pray for guidance as you work through how you'd like to be involved. We want you to know: ALL donations, no matter the size, are graciously accepted with the understanding that God moved you to give. We thank you for responding to the Holy Spirit's prompting.

If you would like to commit to an amount for 2019, please fill out our pledge form below.